I need my atv 6x6 snow machine shipped this week from vassar mich. To milwaukee wi area. Cash paid . call me please 262 312 4826 . great running and loads easy . thanks GUYS AND V S ..
todayAddison, IL+12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for packing peanuts and other packing supplies. Also looking for arts and crafts supplies for art therapy groups.
Looking for used football helmets for an inner-city high school football team.
todayDeKalb, IL+55 milesItems Wanted
Greetings, My Girl Scout troop is collecting coloring books for a service project. We are tearing out the pages to create mini activity packets that include crayons and stickers as well as the coloring pages. These packets are distributed to the ER and other medical facilities for any kids coming in with parents/siblings/etc that would have nothing to do but sit there. TIA! :)
Looking for a replacement garage access door. If anyone is remodeling or upgrading, I'd be interested in your old one
todayChicago, IL+23 milesItems Wanted
I have friends who like to play Trading Card Games. I will take any trading card games, you want to get rid of.
todayChicago, IL+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for camera bags, any brand, in good condition, at least big enough to hold a camera and lens. No giant bags please. Helping to run a summer after school style program and we need bags for kids to take cameras home in. Can pick up anywhere on the north side, preference to near a train stop! Thank you!!!
todayChicago, IL+23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for large unwanted rocks. I have means to remove them without tearing up the yard or landscape they are located in. Thanks
todayMadison, WI+134 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any "yard sports" or outdoor activity sets or equipment. Specifically badminton & croquet, but we would probably love anything you might want to get rid of! Flexible schedule, let me know best pickup times. Thank you so much, Kitt
todayMadison, WI+134 milesItems Wanted
I would like enough wood pallets to construct a 5 or 6 foot tall fence, about 20 foot long. I would prefer them all to be similar in size so they could be placed side by side. I would like to fill the spaces between the boards with similar boards removed from the other pallets.
I am looking for deep containers to plant Tomatoes. Empty Tidy Cats litter containers, Home Depot or Menard s buckets work good for this also. I do not want any plastic that have Recycle # 3, 6, 7. Thank you!
We want a plott hound boxer mix dog. Loving home with plenty of room to run.
Hello, I am in search of some cups or glasses ( all kinds welcome we have kids so they do not have to be fancy) Lamps and useable light blubs.
Newlywed couple just found out they are getting a surprise. We have been using a twin bed which was fine, but I am expanding quickly and have been sleeping on the couch. Anything larger than a twin will help. We have no baby items. We are having a boy in early fall and we need everything. We are just starting out and anything helps. Thanks in advance